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We provide advisory and data management services to public and private sector organisations, foundations and charities in the health and social care, justice, education and life sciences markets. We are internationally recognised experts with over 20 years’ experience within our sectors, adding value to our clients by bringing clarity, insight and knowledge from complexity. Facts, evidence and data are within our DNA and we believe that they enable better decision making, improved accountability and ultimately can change lives. Our work is primarily focused in UK, Mainland Europe and North America and we are engaged in a number of leading edge policy implementation and developments across these territories. Our people are principally based in our offices in London, Brussels and Washington DC.


Insights and Resources

Health report (2011): An economic evaluation of speech and language therapy. Summary   A review of the evidence and an economic evaluation of providing speech and language therapy to...

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Justice opinion (2014): Matrix Knowledge responds to the industry commentary on the challenges of measuring violence against women.                                            ...

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Health report (2014): Dr Gianandrea Staffiero was published in The European Journal of Health Economics, title: cost of poor adherence to anti-hypertensive therapy in five European...

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News and Events

August:  Jacque Mallender, Mirja Gutheil, Laura Todaro and Aurelie Heetman  will present at the 11th European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference                                ...

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July:  Founder, Director Jacque Mallender and Economist Tracey Jhita will present at the iHEA Congress being held in Dublin on Monday 14th July                                  ...

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June:  Jacque Mallender was invited to the NHS England Roundtable on Commissioning for Outcomes                                                                   ...

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